Because pools and spas are meant to be enjoyed!

Operated by NQ Water Services, PoolSmartz is 100% locally owned and proudly services Mackay, Townsville and Whistsundays.


Are you spending too much of your precious down-time tending to your pool or spa? Well stop! At PoolSmartz, we believe pools are meant to be enjoyed, which is why we offer a complete hassle-free maintenance service to make your life easier.

If you’ve got a problem with your pool or spa, leave it to the pros!

Our dedicated team can look after your pool as little or as often as you like. We provide pool and spa servicing to clients from Sarina, Mackay and the surrounding districts. We also offer in-store advice and support for all our DIY customers plus handy maintenance payment options.

Or, if you would prefer us to take care of it all for you, consider booking our mobile pool maintenance van. It’s simple and our choice of pool maintenance plans makes owning a pool a breeze.

FREE Water Testing

There’s nothing worse than being greeted by a cloudy or murky pool, especially when you’re desperate for a dip! PoolSmartz has a team of specialists ready to offer advice on how you can manage your pool or spa, what products to use and how to get it in ship-shape.

The amount of chemicals you need fluctuates throughout the year depending on a range of things such as temperature, rainfall, pool use and whether you cover your pool. Knowing how much chlorine, balancer, stain remover, algecide, flocculants and clarifiers or pool stabilisers/sunblocks to use can often be a complex and daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

At PoolSmartz we’ve taken the guess work out of water testing so you don’t have to. Forget traditional, sight- based water testing. Come in-store and have your pool water digitally analysed for FREE by our photometric, computerised water analysis tools and get an accurate assessment of your water.

Our informative and approachable team members are always on hand and are capable of answering all your chemical-related questions. We can guide you in the right direction so you purchase the correct products, allowing you to enjoy your pool with confidence knowing it’s hygienic and safe for the whole family.

Is itchy or irritated skin a concern? Speak to us about mineral pools that offer an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to traditional salt or synthetic chlorine pools.


PoolSmartz is home to the largest pool pump repair facility in Mackay, capable of repairing all pool equipment either in the City Gates workshop or on-site by one of our friendly pool technicians.

We have a strong relationship with all major suppliers, ensuring we provide you with expert service and comprehensive product support. We also stock a variety of spare parts for all your pool and spa applications.


PoolSmartz sell a wide variety of major brand products including pool pumps, cleaners, filters, chlorinators and chemicals.

We are also one of the only dealers in Mackay who sell spas and plunge pools direct from the showroom floor.

We also stock a variety of spare parts and accessories from pool brooms to leaf scoops, spa covers, testing kits, CPR charts, toys and games and everything in between.

PoolSmartz offers the best brands and quality advice to improve the health, safety and longevity of your pool or spa, leaving you free to enjoy it for many years to come.

Quality products from leading suppliers, backed by manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee.

Pool or spa ownership shouldn’t be a chore. That’s why at PoolSmartz, we do it all!